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Check Out This Incredible Results…<br />
‘I Got Rid of That Ugly Belly Fat In Just 30 Days!’<br />
“I cant believe how fast the weight came off! – I have lost 12lbs and got rid off the ugly belly fat I was carrying around my waist. My arms and thighs also feel a lot tighter too. I am so glad I got started with the K30X program you are going to love it!”<br />
Lost 12 lbs. in 30 Days with the K30X Program<br />

‘I Love It And You Will Love It Too!’<br />
“At last I can wear the clothes I really want to wear instead of being conscious about my lumpy bits! I lost 19lbs in this program! I feel fitter, stronger and sexier! I know I love it and you’re gonna love it too”<br />
Lost 19lbs. in 30 Days in K30X Program<br />
<p>‘There’s Nothing Like This Workout!!’<br />
“I have lost a massive 35lbs on the program and completely changed the way I look and feel about myself. There is nothing like this kind of workout!”<br />
Lost a massive 35 lbs in K30X Program<br />

‘I Was Getting Out Of Breath Walking Up The Stairs’<br />
“I started training because my weight was beginning to seriously affect my health, I would get out of breath just walking up the stairs. I tried to workout at the gym but found it to be just so boring, here every lesson is different and everyone is so friendly, they really made me feel very comfortable right from the start!”<br />
Lost Over 40lbs in K30X Program<br />

Here Is What You Learn In Class…<br />
Boxing - Shape and tone your arms and upper body with our Boxing drills designed to improve your speed, focus and mental agility.<br />
Muay Thai – Defend yourself and build power using hands, elbows, knees and kicks from the one the awesome art of Muay Thai<br />
Jui Jitsu – Develop core strength and stability, tighten those abs, buns and thighs with our innovative Jiu-Jitsu skills and drills

The K30X Workout<br />
10 Rounds of Fat Shredding, Waist Tightening Body Shaping Action!<br />
Round 1 – The upper body and lower body combination work your shoulders and triceps with staright combinations and then hit those glutes and thighs with our “K-cover Lunges”<br />
Round 2 – Its Chest and Glutes with Knockout hooks and our very own version “K-Plank” Feel your “Buns Burn”<br />
Round 3 – Muay Thai Time! Elbows and Knees strengthening your core and learning that up close self defense.<br />
Round 4 – Chop those into shape with our Kickboxing “Round Kick” round followed by the “K-UP Kick” working you Abs and Glutes<br />
Round 5 – More Muay Thai front kicks learn to push and strike building power in your quads round it off with the “Double Front Kick Sit”<br />
Round 6 – Is all about strengthening the core, learn how to “Slip, Bob and Weave” and get straight into some Jui-Jitsu with our “K-Angle Choke Drill” done entirely with your legs!<br />
Round 7 – Glutes and Thighs are going to feel great as you go through 3 level changes high, middle and low punching you way to our “K-UP Stand Up” Drill<br />
Round 8 – Down and dirty! Ground and Pound strengthen that back, develop that core and finish them off with your “Rear K-Naked Choke” dynamic tension drill.<br />
Round 9 – Its fast and furious, defense and offense round, Cover and strike and then follow up with our Arm Bar drill feel your abs-burn to the core!<br />
Round 10 - Last set – BEST SET! Its WAR, Finish strong, its freestyle time, throw your favorite combinations, peppered with the thigh busting squat kick and the grand finale the “Punch Out”!

‘It Has Been A Life Changing Experience’<br />
“When I started I was 240lbs! I am now 180 and I have lost 60lbs. on the program! Without doubt it has been a life changing experience!”<br />
Lost Over 60lbs in K30X Program<br />
<p>‘The Great thing Is That We All Train Together’<br />
“I couldnt believe that I had lost 15lbs having fun! I got bored of the gym work outs and really wasn't getting any results at all. The great thing about the program is that we are all training together and it really does get you motivated and helps you push yourself further than just training on your own.”<br />
Lost 15lbs in 30 Days in K30X<br />

<br />
The K30X Unique Benefits<br />
Lose Fat Fast – With the Unique K30X Workout formula combining aerobic and an-aerobic exercise<br />
Set and Achieve Goals – With the K30X Success Tracker System, that gives you measurable success in every session<br />
Stay Motivated – With our K30X Buddy system you are 3 X more likely to achieve your goals, together EVERYBODY wins!<br />
Gain Confidence – As you learn to kick, punch and grapple, strengthening every part of your body FAST!<br />
Tone Your Body Quicker – With our unique exercise routines many of which you may never have seen before<br />
De-Stress – Nothing like a K30X workout will help you unwind after a tough day at the office – That’s A Guarantee!

More Awesome Results…<br />
‘I’m 64 And Feel Like I Am In My 20’s!’<br />
I started training at 64 and have never had so much fun I have always tried to look after my body especially as I have got older so starting the program I took it nice and steady and to my suprise was able to pick up the moves really quite quickly. I have lost about half a stone and I feel like I am back in my twenties! I only wish I had started sooner <img src=

Lost Fat And Gained Muscle in K30X Program
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‘I Was Just So Busy I Kept Missing Workouts Until…’<br />
“I was just so busy with work I never seemed to make the time to get to the gym, the best thing for me is that there is an actual class time I have to make time otherwise I miss class! I have lost 20 lbs on the program and now I never miss a workout sometimes we forget about the important things in life I never want to let it slip again”<br />
Lost Over 20lbs in K30X Program<br />

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